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Who We Are

Whitaker Waterscapes LLC is owned by Travis and Shannon Whitaker, both who grew up with a love of the outdoors!  This love for the outdoors and each other allows them the opportunity to work closely with their customers and help create an outdoor space that works.

Founded in 2003, while Travis was working for the family business, he had the opportunity to see how creative he could be when a customer asked if he "could build a waterfall"!  And if you know Travis, he is always up for a challenge, so he jumped on the chance to try something new, and after that one job he was hooked!  Travis is also a certified Landscape Contractor, and takes pride is doing all he can to keep up to date on the tools and tricks of his trade.

Today, our dedicated team brings passion, skill, and experience into all of the projects that we do. With a variety of services available, clients have many options when it comes to their vision for their outdoor space. We believe in creating spaces that are as beautiful as they are functional, always putting customer satisfaction first.

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